The company was founded in 2007 from the union of an idea and from twenty years experience in the field of catering and production of wholesome food.


About us

This company was born in order to become suppliers of those products necessary for the profession of restaurateurs. At the same time giving quality and knowledge in the production of durum wheat pasta according to its own recipe that balances not only flour, water, eggs, but based on the right air humidity and drying time obtains a product suitable for a quick cooking and al dente. Ideal for restaurants, but also for cooking a genuine and quick meal at home.

Noodle “Pasta” production

In our production facility we produce a pasta of wheat flour according to the ancient istrian recipe. The mixture passes through a mold of bronze which gives the typical shape and a certain roughness.

The roughness of the pasta allows a better grip of the sauces, which further improves the flavor during consummation. After passing through bronze molds, drying of the pasta is done at low temperatures to preserve all the minerals and vitamins. In addition to the nutritional value, with this mode of production you get a better taste.

Tagliatelle , Pennette, Fusilli, Manestrini, Pappardelle, Maccheroncini, 

and Istrian Fusi  – istrian flavours

with trufles, with teran and with asparagus 

Trgovina okusa

After some time, we introduced the accounting service.

We have decided to provide this service to others who could benefit from our practical experience in carrying out a business in Croatia. We speak Italian perfectly. For this reason, many owners from Italy have chosen us to start the practice of opening a company in Croatia and accounting service. We speak as well a fluent English. Give us a try.

Accountant service

Accountant service provides a wide range of accountancy services including tax returns, annual accounts, payroll and bookkeeping.

We help a diverse range of small businesses including start-ups, sole traders, limited companies and landlords who operate in many industries to open a new Company in Croatia.